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Xandr reaffirms commitment to consumer-consented identity to power the open internet

Last week, Xandr shared our multi-faceted identity roadmap, concurrently with another major identity announcement in the industry. As our team reflected on the news, we only grew more confident in our diversified approach. 

Xandr has a strong track record of leading industry change when it comes to transparency and control standards supporting global privacy initiatives such as the GDPR and the CCPA. These standards result in a better consumer experience and a competitive playing field for publishers and marketers seeking innovative advertising products on the open internet.

With the right data protection and privacy controls in place, it remains possible to provide consumers with critical choice and insight into the value exchange of advertising and content, while enabling publishers and marketers to achieve the outcomes they demand. 

This is where we are differentiated from more prescriptive approaches. Whereas Google’s ad buying platforms have chosen not to support the alternative cross-site IDs for targeting and attribution, as a technology platform, we are providing publishers and marketers with the tools they need to make decisions based on their unique priorities. 

To this end, Xandr will continue to invest in a comprehensive approach to support first-party and consumer-consented IDs, industry ID integrations, Google’s Privacy Sandbox, and privacy-safe ID resolution leveraging InfoSum, alongside contextual and data science-based decisioning for Xandr’s Invest DSP, Monetize SSP and Monetize Ad Server products.

Our roadmap will always be driven by partnership and industry collaboration, direct client feedback loops, and a core, enduring belief in an open internet that gives everyone a fair shot.